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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Savor to Nature


Project Description

Project Name: The Savor to Nature
Location: Chongqing, China
Design Company: LINGOAL DESIGN
Chief Designer: Yingying Wang
Area: 320 square meters
Cost: 0.97 million
Design Cycle: February 10, 2023- March 12, 2023
Completion time: August 1, 2023
Main Materials: at paint, wood veneer, solid wood, acrylic, cotton and linen, linen fabric
Client Name: Miss Chen
Photographer: Boundary Photography
Design Description: In the early stages of the design process, a deep exploration of the client's personality and lifestyle is conducted to let their preferences serve as the best guide for the design. Through a fresh layout and design, the aim is to elevate the quality of life and leave room for future possibilities. Employing a design approach that harmonizes with each other, an orderly sense is constructed within the open space.
Taking into account feng shui considerations at the entrance, stylized partitions are designed, where the varying natural wood grain textures flow in different directions, interweaving curved and straight lines. Adorned with decorative greenery and objects, a tranquil natural space is created, exuding a vibrant life force and evoking an atmosphere of "long-awaited emergence, still holding a half-concealed pipa."
Based on a unique perspective to "de-formalize the living room" and considering the needs and habits of each resident, decisions are made on how to best design the de-formalized space. Thus, the traditional TV wall is merged with the functionality of a study, carefully selecting natural wood to craft a large customized bookshelf tailored to the client's preferences.
The design director envisions a space that is more transparent and bright, allowing sunlight and air to freely circulate in front of the unbeatable river view. This setup facilitates emotional interaction among family members.This is the true meaning of buying a riverside property, creating a living environment tailored to oneself. Design serves as the thread connecting residents' lives, seamlessly weaving together the most authentic and leisurely state of living.


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