IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Takayoshi Ichimura

Project Description

We are opening a shop in a tranquil commercial area located on the opposite side of Yotsubashi-suji from Kita-Shinchi, which is a representative bustling entertainment district in Osaka. The concept of the shop is an innovative fusion based on French cuisine. Chef Hashimoto, who has trained in renowned French and Japanese restaurants, is dedicated to providing exquisite Meat Kappo dishes. The concept of the restaurant is "The Power and Energy of the Earth." This is reflected in the chef's approach to maximizing the potential of each ingredient in their Wagyu beef dishes, as well as their cooking methods and philosophy. The design concept draws inspiration from the most primal elements of fire and life. The base color is a warm red, while the counter where the dishes are served is made of bright-colored granite that exudes energy. These elements are in harmony with the contrasting themes of movement and stillness, heat and cold. A large mirror at the back of the restaurant visually expands the space and reflects the greenery outside, further emphasizing the natural elements of fire, greenery, and earth. The two private rooms are decorated with abstract flower art. By combining texture created by the rubbing and splashing of paint, we use a vibrant, warm color to give guests a gorgeous welcome. We hope that this innovative combination of cuisine and ambiance will delight many visitors.

Takayoshi Ichimura

1978 Born in Hokkaido Japan 2004
After graduating from the Musashino Art University Department of Craft and Industrial Design, engaged in total planning work ranging from planning / design / 2015 Established Monograph Inc.

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