IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Peach Blossom Land in the Courtyard


Project Description

This is the home of a forty year old homeowner, and this case is a staggered residential building that combines restraint and various elements.
It has four bedrooms and is a three generation home. The homeowner hopes to inject new vitality into the residence, At the same time, we make this home a resting place for "migratory birds", as the owner needs frequent business trips due to work reasons The moment she arrived home immediately brought her back to the paradise in her heart. A dining table behind a curved entrance partition.
Setting the tone invisibly adds more interesting light and shadow, and through the rice paper chandelier on the dining table in the foyer, it becomes a frame.
A natural painting. In the living room, we incorporated elements of the courtyard and made a wooden deck like sofa along with bay windows The decorative wrapping, combined with gourd and rattan weaving, creates an artistic installation that exudes a sense of tranquility in the space. Home is no longer defined by style, but by material entities to express spiritual shouts and natural and casual humanities. In the noisy life, how to pursue the peaceful corner in our hearts, feel and learn how to live, often need to return to the courtyard to rest, constantly learn from the outside, and seek to establish and reconnect with new versions of ourselves from within.


The theme of JANE DESIGNS is to create a rich and diverse humanistic ideal residence in simplicity, allowing residents and spaces to have a higher degree of compatibility. Pursuing creativity in space and respecting local cultural heritage. Skilled in using materials and items that add beauty to the space and can withstand the changing trends.

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