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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Mixc Museum of Wonderland

by UPLAN Design

Project Description

Project Name: Mixc Museum of Wonderland
Location: ShenZhen MIXC
Design Company: UPLAN Design
Chief Designer: Yang Shi
Assistant Designer: Yang Zhong, Haiyan Zhu, Qingwen Xiao, Chao Wang, Yuwei Cheng, Yiman Hao
Area: 1000 square meters
Cost: 2.3 million yuan
Design Cycle: June 2023
Main Materials: iron, fiberglass, simulated flowers
Photographer: Ye Tian
In August 2023, Shenzhen MixC Summer Exhibition and Exhibition Project.
In this case, we collaborated with Shenzhen MixC to achieve the scene layout of the "Wonderful Museum". At different locations in the shopping district, a display of "European style palaces fused with giant animal statues" has been created. Using a surreal creative approach, elaborate on the relationship between humans and space, as well as the relationship between humans and nature.
We are deeply influenced by the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles and believe that it matches the commercial atmosphere and value of Shenzhen MixC very well. Therefore, in the form of a palace, combined with sculpture art, we ultimately formed such a successful
We present the final plan through the combination of giant animals and architecture. Among them are giant gorillas, guarding love like "Kong Kong"; The rabbit in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland symbolizes leading people towards their dreams; There are also fashionable images such as toucans and leopards, fully showcasing the commercial tone of Shenzhen MixC.
In the design process, how to use metal mesh to restore the grandeur of the palace is a crucial challenge. In the end, we create visual elegance through color changes, based on cyan and embellished with gold. At the same time, the handling of process details is equally important and difficult. The creators and craftsmen patiently polished it for nearly half a month before fully confirming all the details.
This time, we mainly focus on the innovation perceived visually. However, in terms of materials, using metal structures to represent architecture, although not a great innovation, also poses a great challenge to structural calculation, production and installation.
This is a discussion about human and nature. Giant animals not only represent themselves, but also represent a manifestation of breaking order. When the environment is constantly destroyed, everything may undergo unexpected "mutations". In this display, these mutated things appear in large figures and gaze at people's lives, which itself is a kind of warning.

UPLAN Design

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