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International Design Pioneer Award

Suggestions design on improving the business format and style of hengshui lake 5A scenic spot Plant science museum optimization program

by Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited

Project Description

Hengshui Park Expo Park was founded in 2016, after the end of the Expo Park, the park has been in a state of less tourists and unprofitable, high park maintenance costs have increased the burden of the local government, so the design team through a series of transformation to enhance the revitalization of the entire park, create a new state of operation, so that the park is full of new vitality, bring the park operation new economy.
The venue is an abandoned greenhouse building in the park, originally used as a plant science museum, and has been abandoned for a long time, with a building area of about 1500 square meters. The pavilion is located on the lake in the Expo Park, with the appearance of an island quietly floating on the water. It is the main indoor venue in the upgrading plan of Hengshui Expo Park. The design team retained the existing form of the building, combined with the existing greenhouse conditions, and integrated interactive technology elements to create a vibrant fantasy Space Museum.
The Space Museum is partially equipped with children's activity areas in the atrium on the first floor and the second floor, and the remaining space is used as a tea and dining area and supporting space, including a dining area, an aerial viewing area, a book area, a cultural and creative sales area, a small classroom, a mother and baby room and a toilet, etc., covering various essential functions of the indoor venue. At the same time, the second floor ring corridor is retained, and parents can overlook the whole park on the second floor, which is convenient for nursing. As the core of the venue, the children's activity area takes the fantasy space island as the theme, and uses fantasy magical plants to create an interesting and whimsical children's exploration paradise.
The children's activity area on the first floor is located in the ocean ball pool, and the main equipment is a pure special-shaped 3D cave mountain island made of glass steel, which is a collection of climbing walls, sliding surfaces and other non-dynamic gameplay, and there are labyrinth-like moving lines in the interior, children can drill, climb and run on it to release their nature. At the same time, in combination with the current situation of the building column, there are magical plants of different shapes growing on the surface of Dongdong Mountain. Children can put the ocean ball on the root of the plant, and the ball will spray out of the flower. The plant vine hanging in the sky can also see the trajectory of the ball in its interior. If you talk to some shorter plants, the sounds will become birdsong and play out from other flowers. There are also several induction screens inside the cave to observe and defend space plants through various interactive ways and games.
The second layer, with seeds as the core, is equipped with a variety of interactive equipment for ball transmission, and the whole travel is a set of closed loop to understand the plant growth knowledge through the ball's movement track. It aims to awaken children's original intention of protecting nature in the form of edutainment and entertainment, and provide a more comprehensive and comprehensive indoor educational activity venue for Hengshui Lake children's education section.
At the same time, the indoor hard and soft installation is organically combined with children's equipment, which gives parents and children a more comfortable and safe space to play and care. The plant design follows the concept of natural ecological interest, planting many greenhouse plants that are easy to maintain, echoing the theme of the venue, creating an indoor green ecological oxygen bar; In addition, the team also designed a set of Hengshui unique duck IP for the Expo Park, which is injected into various Spaces in different forms to make the park have a stronger affinity and attract visitors.
The design team will consider building the interior as a whole, closely integrate the design of children's equipment, hard and soft clothing, IP, etc., integrate science research content, and create new vitality of the Space Museum through immersive scene construction and multi-dimensional integration of the operation mode. From an abandoned venue to an operational and popular event space, the Space Museum, as an important part of the upgrading plan of Hengshui Park Expo Park, has become a new landmark in the park!

Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited

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