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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The emerald plume

by Li Jing

Project Description

It was so hot in Chongqing in June that by 10 o'clock in the morning the temperature had climbed to 32 degrees Celsius. Walking along the verdant shade of the Emerald Ridge to its door, I saw two lovely frogs holding a plant in front of the steps to meet it, feeling cheerful-open the door is a light grass green porch partition and a handful of blue and pink vibrant summer flowers. Around the Entryway is the dining area, with a closed Chinese kitchen, an open western-style dining table and countertop, and a six-seater round table. In a western restaurant, it is a simple breakfast in the morning, or a small candle in the evening with the candle lamp overhead drink a little wine, tipsy as if in the early 19th century French Romantic era. Further ahead is the Chinese restaurant, wooden ceiling, wooden metope, porcelain plate decoration, dining table, rattan dining chair... Is a very strong sense of the atmosphere of the space. Designer: from Western restaurant to Chinese restaurant, it is a small space to another small space with high saturation. We wanted to make it more fun in a smaller space and to feel more wrapped up during meals, so we used french-style wooden ceilings and wood paneling in the dining room. From the Chinese restaurant to the living room there is a sudden sense of enlightenment, whether from the size or daylighting are relatively strong contrast, both fine details, but also open space.
Designer: the hostess likes the romantic elegance of French, but she doesn't want it to be too idyllic. Therefore, we add many exquisite and beautiful details on the wood, such as the wall of the living room petal-like small wooden table and throughout the wood scheme of the cabinet corner flower. The Teahouse has two large French windows that allow you to view and copy the dynamic landscape paintings of the four seasons of the year. There is a sense of peace in making tea and painting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Teahouse is well worth careful consideration: the wood carving and hardware fittings of the teahouse door, the arched ceiling, the wooden cabinet marble surface, the table and chair curve design, the small tea tray, the tea set, the Tea Pet, the vase, the picture frame, all are exquisite and unique. Designer: the outside of the Teahouse is a garden. I want to make it into a greenhouse which can match with spring, summer, autumn and winter. The open-plan outdoor garden has a waterproofed wood floor, more refined and warm, and a lemon tree in a curvy flower bed has already produced fruit in green, yellow and red, make a Wonderland for the little rabbit in the flower bed. My favorite place in this crowded city must be my bedroom. Designer: compared to the large open space connected on the first floor, the second and third floors are clearly divided according to different users, each piece of the territory is based on the user's personalized needs to do functional space and soft-style customization. At the same time, the second and third floors have one thing in common, a single floor can meet the basic life of its users routine requirements, do not need to over-rely on the function of other floors.
For example, there is a tea stand on the second floor, and a tea stand on the right side of the entrance on the third floor. This eliminates the problem of water collection on the loft floor, which is often overlooked but greatly affects the convenience of daily life. There are three bedrooms on the second floor: parents' room, Son's room and guest room. The parents' room is a suite with separate cloakroom, bathroom and small garden in addition to the bedroom space. Designer: for the old people's room, the main demand of aunts and uncles is to have a lot of storage space and independent bathroom and garden. Therefore in the elderly room next to the planning of the storage room, but also designed a U-shaped high utilization of the cloakroom. The independent sanitary ware inside the sleeve is more convenient for the elderly to use the convenience and safety. My uncle wanted an outdoor balcony where he could look out into the distance without being disturbed. It was clean, fresh and comfortable. In the light rain of spring and autumn can lean on the balcony, see dark clouds inch pressed into the mountains, see the yellow green canopy in the rain and fog painting. The Sons' room caters to two common scenes of boys' life and study, including a bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and open lighting, and a study with multi-storey bookshelves. The color scheme of the whole space uses grey wall + white custom-made wood + grey-brown wood floor, which is a more inclusive neutral color, as the basic color, and then with a more personality of the soft color, such as black bed frame, blue and yellow bedding, dark gray curtains, decorative paintings, and so on, and these soft color can be changed as the boys grow aesthetic changes at any time.
Designer: Our Son's room is to meet his growing needs, which include a bookshelf for more study materials, a desk for homework, and a comfortable sleeping space. There is no separate bathroom in the son's room and he needs to use the public bathroom next to the study, but since the master bedroom on the third floor and the parents' room on the second floor both have separate bathroom, and there is also a bathroom on the first floor, so the public bathroom on the second floor is for boys and occasional guests. The second floor corridor also designed a tea table, convenient for drinking water on the second floor. Walking up to the third floor, he opened the door to the master bedroom, which was two doors away. He entered the master bedroom, the study, the closet, the bathroom, and the garden. Designer: the master bedroom utilizes the unusual structure of the original building to create an interesting waterfall roof. One into the master bedroom is a full side of the ultra-high bookshelves, there will be a sudden vision of the visual impact of the open. Including the extra-large cloakroom also in the original abnormal top of the foundation, do arch door, to meet the sense of space while more design. The pitched roof of the bedroom is decorated with wooden boards and a unique corner line design, which makes the whole bedroom space more enveloped with a lower saturation of grey-green wall paint, with the same color series of corner lines, bedding and curtains, keep the space clean and soft and elegant. Separate bathroom space to do the wet and dry separation, shower is square closed, bathtub is placed in the corner of the open bathroom, Bath experience more comfortable and comfortable.
There is a saying: "A commitment to the garden is an attitude that values the quality of life." In the garden you can smell the flowers, in the garden you can look up at the stars, in the garden you can empty yourself. Walking in steel and cement for too long, every family garden is a break-in for the city. A building in the same huxing many, but there are countless kinds of space planning programs, to cater to different owners. The bedroom is the most private can reflect the user's life needs and preferences of the place, some people like oversize cloakroom, some people prefer kingsize bedroom... ... bedroom, must be the most relaxing place in this crowded city. Separate bathroom space to do the wet and dry separation, shower is square closed, bathtub is placed in the corner of the open bathroom, Bath experience more comfortable and comfortable.

Li Jing

Graduation School: Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
Major: Environmental Art
Work experience: 13 years
Qualification: National First Class Interior Architect

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