IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Yuexiu Qingtie Heyue Grand Mansion


Project Description

The project is located on the south bank of Zhangcun River in Laoshan, occupying a high value spot in the city's C-position. It continues and enhances the product concept of Heyue series. The plan adopts small high and low density products, with a symmetrical central axis and staggered layout of the buildings. The building is surrounded by a 7000 square meter central garden, and the internal and external landscapes are fully visible. By incorporating local elements from Mount Laoshan, we aim to create a community super chassis and multi-level vertical forest park landscape. Supporting facilities such as city entrances outside the red line, hotel style homecoming lobbies, above ground and underground double clubhouses+elevated floor pan clubhouses, present a healthy, safe, and respected living area for residents, and create a high-end ecological living model of "harmony, elegance, and harmony".
This case accurately predicts the logic of urban development and living needs, using new materials and technologies to strive to lead the aesthetic trend through constant product design, creating representative signs in modern architectural style, selecting classic color schemes, using aluminum panels and natural luxury stones as the main materials, and exploring a new modernist style. Modern urban residents are pursuing a quality of life that is both necessary and desirable in the process of urban expansion. They not only hope to be close to natural landscapes, but also enjoy the convenience and speed of technology. They also seek a sense of ritual and comfort in their residence, and constantly change their needs. At the same time, as the first project to implement the value of Yuexiu Beautiful Home's healthy living system in Qingdao, it has achieved the national "Green Building Three Stars+Healthy Platinum" (highest star rating) dual certification, and has strong leading significance in the industry. It represents Yuexiu Group in supporting the implementation of the national strategy of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, while also paying close attention to the health of the living environment, and creating a model of healthy living products in the industry.


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