IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Rong Xiang

Project Description

For this renovation plan of over 200 square meters, we have created a coherent open space to meet the living needs of three generations: a couple, their young daughter, young son, and grandfather.
We have seamlessly connected the foyer, living room, dining area, kitchen, and study to create an open and transparent space, fostering closer relationships among family members. The overall space primarily adopts a natural wood style, characterized by simplicity, nature, and comfort, creating a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere.
The study will serve as an important place for the two children to study and grow. We will emphasize functionality and companionship by providing each child with their own study desk and chair, along with a comfortable rest area in the study, allowing the children to relax while studying. Sufficient storage space will also be provided for organizing books and study materials.
The entire renovation plan will fully consider the needs of family members, ensuring that each person can find their own comfortable corner in this warm wooden open space, and collectively enjoy the warmth and happiness of family life. We hope this design will create a beautiful home life for three generations.

Rong Xiang

In 2014, he focused on space design, and was the founder and design director of CICHY DESIGN meticulous space design. It mainly provides commercial space design services. Adhering to the concept of "changing the value of production value", always adhere to the professional pursuit of excellence, unique originality and full of fun, is committed to creating a unique quality space for customers, and constantly set up a new experience benchmark. Integrate business thinking, aesthetic value, and technology realization, and use design methods to maximize product value, and identify potential business opportunities together with customers.

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