IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

French Oriental Aesthetics

by Tong yu lei

Project Description

The design of this panoramic home shows the delicate elegance of French eclecticism. When French romance meets Oriental artistic conception, it creates a“Paris under the east” with exquisite mix-and-match. From the extension of architectural style to interior design and decorative furnishings, eclecticism now has a more simple and understandable understanding-mash-up. It does not pay attention to a fixed style, but the pursuit of balance in proportion, the beauty of form

Tong yu lei

Tong Yulei, Brand Founder/Design Director, resume: founder of Zhejiang Blue Magpie Decoration Co. , Ltd. , Personal Honor: 40UNDER40 outstanding Chinese Design Youth, Golden Living Award top 10 living space designers, the Cotton Award for the most beautiful space, the Bauhaus award for modern design, and so on. Design concept: Return to people's good life is the root of its significance, return to the essence of design, to meet the deep needs of customers for a better life

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