IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Tea Aroma

by YuLin Zhou

Project Description

The entire temperament of the space is simple and quiet. And it presents a harmonious atmosphere with strong Eastern aesthetics. Elegant and natural wood, paired with rough clay walls, lays the foundation for the entire house style. In addition, the commonly used outdoor material lime stone has been moved into the interior as the main material for the tea room, creating a peaceful and natural spatial atmosphere.
Another highlight of this case lies in the creation of scenery, which allows visual flow to have a focus and highlights the unique artistic conception of Eastern aesthetics. Like a yellowed scroll, the years at home slowly unfold according to the scenery.

YuLin Zhou

Yulin Zhou engaged in the interior design industry for 12 years. Good at private house design. He uses the artistic way to solve the material and spiritual needs of people, his interior design works in line with each owner's personality and aesthetic.

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