IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

SWISBABY (Astronaut Series) Weight Reduction Spine Protection School Bag


Project Description

The SWISBABY Astronaut School Bag is specifically designed for children aged 9 to 12 years old, with a focus on safety and spine protection through weight reduction. One key feature of this product is the high elastic suspension device integrated into the shoulder straps, which effectively counteracts the falling gravity of the bag while walking. This innovative design minimizes pressure and eases discomfort on the children’s shoulders and neck, while promoting proper blood circulation. This school bag offers over 60% more dynamic weight reduction compared to traditional backpacks. To suit the children’s needs for customized design, the elastic structure of the shoulder straps is removable, allowing them to change the color according to their preferences. The ergonomic curve of the arched back cushion provides excellent support and fit for the children's waist, which in turn help children maintain correct lumbar posture while carrying for extended periods, preventing slouching and reducing the risk of potential spinal issues. The back cushion section of the school bag features a unique three dimensional honeycomb structure design to ensure good venting and heat dissipation. This design effectively reduces heat buildup when children carry the bag, thereby enhancing comfort level. Safety is one of the priority concerns in the design of children's school bags. The SWISBABY (Astronaut Series) Weight Reduction Spine Protection School Bag is equipped with fluorescent materials on all parts, notably improving visibility at night and minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, the designers have integrated cold light and reflective strips into the front pattern of the backpack. This allows users to easily light up with a simple one-button operation, enhancing the overall aesthetics and improving its safety during night. In the health-conscious scenario, facial masks have become an essential item. To facilitate easy carrying and protect masks from contamination, the SWISBABY school bag features an antibacterial mask compartment. This compartment crafted from antibacterial materials keep masks clean and hygienic. Children can conveniently store their masks in this compartment and access them when needed, promoting healthy habits of proper mask handling and maintenance while keeping them clean and safe.


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