IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Bolou Bookstore

by Li Ju

Project Description

This project is rooted in the local culture of Jieyang, and builds a time tunnel to connect the extraordinary past of the city. Create products with distinct city logo. It presents a beautiful experience of combining the lifestyle of cultural deposits with bookstores, emphasizing the new dimension of the lifestyle of urban culture.
At the beginning of the design, we investigated a variety of local elements collected in Jieyang, and selected the "old city", "old street" and "old house" as the elements into the architectural space, and launched the exploration journey of the city epitome.

Li Ju

Guangdong Xingning people, engaged in the design industry for 19 years.The Southern Book Festival brand visual system creator.
Now he is the general manager of Guangdong Xinhua Publishing Group Co., Ltd. He is mainly responsible for the planning and design of Xinhua Bookstore in the province, and builds more than 100 stores. The project has won China International Interior Design Biennale, Cotton Cotton China Design Award and other awards.

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