IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jasmine in Blossom-Coffee Cup Set

by Ningbo Dreamhouse Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Jasmine in Blossom Coffee Cup Set was inspired from the Three Poems of Flowers in Field Path written by Su Shi, known as an ancient Chinese poet in the Northern Song Dynasty. These poems narrate an anecdote about the King of Wuyue Qian Liu, specifically about his consort usually returning to Lin'an every spring to visit her family. In one spring, he instructed someone to send a INTERNATIONAL DESIGN PIONEER 4 AWARD 2024 letter to his consort, mentioning the blooming flowers in the fields and suggesting her return late, as described in the famous line “flowers in the field path are in blossom, I suggest you return late.” This unintentionally sparked a sort of romantic feeling. The cup and saucer feature the shape of jasmine petals, along with dormer window and blossom patterns. Dormer window, a traditional door and window form sourced from ancient China, frames, borrows, and assimilates scenes as depicted in “paintings come into sight”. The window design implies the meaning "accommodating the vast ocean, accepting the blossoms of flowers." Inspired by traditional literature, the designer aims to blend this romantic scene into modern coffee cup and saucer design, and seamlessly blend tradition with innovation to redefine the life aesthetics in modern days of China. The overall color scheme of the cup and saucer is a fresh and elegant lime green tone, reconciling a traditional and elegant fresh tone with the delicate and elegant aesthetic concept of jasmine blossoms. This design allows users to find a moment of peace and enjoyment amidst their busy lives.

Ningbo Dreamhouse Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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