IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Shihua Divine Liquor


Project Description

Shihua divine liquor is a representative of the Shihua divine range. Its package design not only continues the concept of "Tiangong" (Paradise) in Taoism but also captures the essence of traditional Chinese culture, showing reverence for the law of everything and carrying on the traditional brewing technique. The minimalist, fresh, natural oriental aesthetic style shows exceptional innovation and distinctiveness. The bottle design follows the law of everything and revolves around the Taoist human image. It adopts a tripartite curved structure that resembles the ripples of flowing wine, showcasing the Taoist concept of "Out of Tao, One is born; Out of One, Two; Out of Two, Three; Out of Three, the created universe.“ and highlighting the cultural deposits and historical inheritance of this range of products.
Unlike traditional wine bottle design that neglects holding comfort, Shihua divine liquor features a tripartite curved structure that makes it easier to hold when pouring wine. Users can feel the craftsmanship of the Shihua divine liquor as they savor it. Shihua divine liquor adopts a traditional Chinese color scheme – azure, which is fresh and elegant and in line with the Taoist aesthetic concept of “Tao models itself after nature “. Together with the use of ceramic material and the tripartite curved structure, the bottle’s silhouette resembles the ripples of flowing wine while revealing the light, clear color and authentic aromatic flavor of Shihua divine liquor.
The cap is rounded on the inside and square on the outside, reflecting the moral of "Round heaven and square earth, on a roll". This also adds practicality and aesthetics. The hardcore outer box is adorned with golden threads, giving the Shihua divine liquor cultural value and connotation at banquets. The disposable anti-counterfeiting press button design ensures product quality and allows users to open the box effortlessly.


Company in the well-known ancient town of Shihua, Hubei Shihua Liquor Co., Ltd is a rare old-century shop in the Chinese Baijiu industry, whose predecessor was Shihua Street Huang Gongshun Pub founded in the ninth year of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1870 AD). The Conqueror Liquor developed by the company is highly praised by the market with three characteristics "excellent raw pulp, 20-year cellar, original filling" and unspeakable and wonderful taste of 70 degrees. In 2020, the traditional brewing technique of the Conqueror Liquor was selected for the list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hubei Province". On February 1st, the Conqueror Liquor is acclaimed as a "Chinese Old Brand" for its 154-year history and superior quality, becoming the first white wine brand to receive this honor in Xiang Yang City. Hubei Shihua Liquor Co., Ltd strives to create a premium white wine brand in the Hanjiang River Basin, carrying on the century-old Shihua Liquor brand and making the Conqueror Liquor shine in China.

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