IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Suzhou CR Land Yue jing water bay Sales Center


Projet Description

Most of the designs that are constrained by regional cultural traditions and the same traditional cultural atmosphere, although they are antique, but the simple pursuit of modern life has begun to fade away. With the changes of the times, modernity and tradition are gradually brewing common beauty. We are looking for cultural inheritance and modern interpretation between the two. The facade of the building is simple and stretched, and the transparent glass curtain wall closes the distance between people and the environment. Outward, natural beauty, inward, travel space. The entrance lobby opens up the vision of the entrance hall with an atmospheric and square layout, placing the tolerance and the seemingly non-existent light between the interactions in a concise form. Paving a large area of matte rough-grained beige stone sets a simple basic tone for the space. The square metal grille around it strengthens the visual effect of the space, and the soft light reflects the elegance and transparency of the space. The transparency of freedom and the exquisite white space together construct the aesthetic sense of visual rhythm, and the changes of spatial levels are enriched. The line elements in the space echo the context of the space. The growing lines, the collision of the original wood color and the cool black, are quiet but full of rhythmic tension. The overall layout of the negotiation area is neat and dignified, with uniform soft and hard decoration and highlighting texture. The tables, chairs, and sofas are only made of wood, white and gray, and the warm wood finishes harmonize with simple colors, which are warm and pure.

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