IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

ChongQing Guangmingli Building Sales Office

by Roo decoration design (Shanghai) co.LTD

Projet Description

The design restores the design techniques of the broken line and block surface of the Guangming Real Estate LOGO to the site, using the original volume of the architectural design, taking the shape and artistic conception of "mountain" as the soul, and extracting the continuous ridge line as the theme to form a new Space polyline. Dialogue with the site and the building. The broken line not only encloses the various functional spaces, but also allows the spaces of different rules to form an interesting dialogue with each other, like mountains and rivers, relying on each other, continuous and connected. When space becomes an expression of art, how do we use divergent thinking to interpret our understanding of the site, design, and life. This time, through the use of "light" and "broken line" design language, interspersed, virtual reality, array And other design techniques interpret the level of the space, talk about the spiritual expression of the place, and stage a "folding" study art.

Roo decoration design (Shanghai) co.LTD

Since its founding in 2016, ROO DESIGN has been working on the interior DESIGN of branded hotels, high-end commercial real estate and public Spaces. With dedicated service awareness and passion for design and creation, our team has been highly recognized by many hotel brand management companies. Through innovative ideas and constant exploration, we combine the high quality construction and attention to detail brought by architecture and interior design. Carefully built an international team of elite designers. Formed a unique creative style and won the broad recognition of customers.
Under the brand is set up Hong Kong rui shang design consulting co., LTD., rui he decoration design (Shanghai) co., LTD.
ROO DESIGN has built up a wealth of design experience in many fields of commercial real estate, tourism real estate, residential real estate. ROO DESIGN provides an innovative design concept, standardized management and excellent service processes for the core services to high-end interior design solutions to customers around the world. Our firm combines a detailed knowledge of design with a depth of experience that enables us to identify interior design trends at the source, make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations in the interior design industry, and influence design standards at a global level.
ROO DESIGN will continue to make great efforts for the international development of the hospitality design field in China.

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