IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sunshine 100 Gather In The Valley, Guilin

by JUND Design

Projet Description

Taking the "sloping roof", the essence of traditional architecture, recreated a flowing arc-shaped curved surface building, light and light as if flying from the land of Jingchu. The black-gray metal roof forms the spine on the roof of the building, which stretches and undulates like green mountain peaks and forms a very smooth landscape image with the wide water landscape on the ground.
Half of the water, half of the hidden mountains, there are many scenery, layer by layer, the mirrored water surface and the wind and rain corridors are privately enclosed, and the space exchanges and interacts. The twists and turns of the garden and the artistic conception of both reality and emptiness often make visitors intoxicated. This unique method of making mirrors is used in the design of the Liyuan Demonstration Zone to create a spatial sequence of imaginary and real.
The large-area glass curtain is as transparent as jade, interlaced with the real and virtual reflections in the water, and the sky and clouds are used as the background to create the ecological beauty and calm mood of "the breeze is coming, the water is not thriving". The shape of the building is extracted from the shape of the Guilin mountain and simplified into the form of a double sloped roof, which makes the building full of vitality. The designer adopts a courtyard layout, the facade focuses on the contrast between virtual and real, emphasizes the feeling of collision between new and old buildings, and highlights the sense of wild luxury. The color of the exterior wall is mainly maple color, and the color of the slope roof is mainly gray. The contrast between cold and warm tones makes the building facade richer.

JUND Design


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