IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Ganglong & Midea  In The  Future


Projet Description

Dragonair Midea·Future Screen, as the first work of Dragonair Real Estate settled in Chengdu, is located in the Jiujiang section of Shuangliu District, Chengdu.
The surrounding commercial districts are mature, convenient in transportation, and radiant in education sectors, which fully meets the needs of customers for home ownership. Based on the requirement of the product to weaken the commercial atmosphere, the designer looks for representative elements and shapes to reflect the local culture based on the locality, and is based on creating a light and smart modern art space.
The key elements of traditional Sichuan opera, such as facial makeup and water sleeves, are combined with the expression of light and shadow in modern technology. With soft and elegant curves as the design lines, cool tones and transparent materials are used to create a high-end and artistic temperament, express the feeling of agility and freedom, and seek the coexistence of softness and tension. The art installation circulates under the skylight, and the metal surface reflects the colorful light.
The designer applies the dynamics and flow of the water sleeve performance to the entire space. The arc wall of the entrance, the arc shape of the sunken staircase, the art installation hanging from the ceiling, and the arc treatment of the entire space on the first floor all seek a streamlined unity.
The designer strives to unify the interior and exterior of the building and the landscape, aiming to make the architectural space experience present a clear logic. We use the curve as the lead to connect the entire space, passing through the front hall on the first floor, and accompanied by the elegant swinging spiral staircase to the basement space. The space wants to rise first, and it always gives people inadvertent surprises and touches. The designer uses light white tones and natural warm tones to express it, which perfectly fits the art installation above. Show people a new vision of art in an "unconventional" form.

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