IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Spiritual Home

by N1 Design

Project Description

This is a transformation of a single-story residential space, aiming to create a more intimate living environment for the homeowner and their pets. It adopts a semi-open layout combined with lifestyle concepts to enhance the intimacy between family members and pets. Meanwhile, dynamic techniques such as moving doors are used to make the functional areas more fluid, achieving a balance between privacy and openness. The design responds to the needs of the family through a humanized approach, successfully combining the concept with the lifestyle.

N1 Design

Skilled in applying modern aesthetic design concepts to create the beauty of space, Skilled in exploring the possibilities between space and people, breaking through the limitations of space, and researching the multifaceted nature of materials.
Focusing on the integration of living and art, working together to create an ideal life.

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