IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Behind the wheel of a Scandinavian design

by Yisong jiang

Project Description

The Polestar adopts a Scandinavian design inspired by Nordic architecture, instead of the streamlined shapes and fluid curves typical of traditional vehicles. Such a design is marked by a focus on simple, clean lines in the exterior, and functionality in the interior.
In terms of aesthetics, the Polestar employs minimal and continuous lines, simple and clean without any frills, to create a modern and stable design. It mainly uses soft, neutral colors supplemented with one or two vibrant accent colors, whereby to strike a balance among fashion, dynamism and calmness. The extensive use of simple geometric shapes results in a cleaner and purer visual effect. The overall design makes the vehicle more like a moving Nordic building, offering users a unique visual experience.
Functionally, the Polestar utilizes a flat and organized EV platform to enable some extra drawer storage spaces under the actual trunk, which provides a private and convenient option to store small items, thereby enhancing the practicality and uniqueness; the highly digitized control panel perfectly integrates the vehicle information and the vehicle control system, to give a strong sense of technology. The design greatly improves the operating experience, and aligns with not only the modern trends of vehicle design but also the current digital development trends.

Yisong jiang

Yisong jiang,a passionate designer with a flair for creating visuallystunning and user-centric experiences.His expertise lies in vehicle design, where lmerge aesthetics with functionality todeliver impactful and memorable designs.

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