IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

SHENGXI boutique restaurant

by Han Zhenjiang

Project Description

Project Description: The Prosperity of Cuisine, the Enjoyment of Food
This project is located next to the ecological park of Jiyang Lake in the center of Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou. Despite being situated in a bustling area, the restaurant is designed to blend seamlessly into the natural environment. The owner hopes to showcase the restaurant's unique aesthetic and high-quality ingredients by incorporating a modern interpretation of Eastern charm and integrating the surrounding architectural features both inside and outside the building.
Ancient aesthetics reached its peak in the Song dynasty, emphasizing absolute simplicity through circular and square shapes, plain colors, and textured minimalism. Song people used ink to paint and fired monochromatic glazed ceramics. The Song dynasty was the earliest example of minimalism and represented a pinnacle of civilization with a prosperous economy and a collective awakening of self-awareness, resulting in the creation of the exquisite culture of the Song dynasty. They extended art's aesthetic to everyday objects like bowls, plates, cups, and saucers, redefining life through art. This tasteful and exquisite aesthetic of life continues to inspire admiration today.
We attempt to reshape the beauty of the rhythm of Eastern culture with a contemporary spirit, rejecting all overt Eastern symbols and exaggerated visual design. Instead, we use natural and intangible atmospheres to present the essence of emotions, experiences, and spirits. By infusing space with elements of Eastern aesthetics and the vitality of art, we imbue each scene with cultural significance. Blending Eastern tradition with modern trends, when tradition meets time, the essence of all things can be recreated. We use concise strokes to outline the natural and dynamic beauty of modern Eastern aesthetics, based on modern life concepts and combined with Eastern cultural thinking, to balance the dialectical relationship between tradition and modernity.
The people of the Song dynasty who understand the art of living exude a strong sense of the national elegance and aesthetics of classical China. They enjoy life through indulging in food and drink, finding spiritual richness in the refined pleasures of life. With the most elegant human fireworks, they are able to soothe the hearts of all the vast sea of mortals.

Han Zhenjiang

Design Company :Suzhou BOX Creative Design
DESIGNER: Han Zhenjiang 40 UNDER 40 China Design Outstanding Young Jiangsu list
Member of NBEV Bauhaus Masters Association
Suzhou Good Design Competition 2020 Best Public Space Design
ICS International Color Space Design 2020 Outstanding Color Space Design
ICDC Jiuzhou Cup Interior Design Competition 2020 Best Creative Award for Public Space
ICDC Jiuzhou Cup Interior Design Competition 2021 Public Space Best Reality Award
Mango Award China Business Award

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