IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Double Design Architecture Studio

Project Description

Thanks to the location, the residence is bathed in abundant natural light. Large floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outdoors and greenery in. With more open space and fewer barriers, light flows seamlessly from room to room. The volume is deconstructed along the spacious paths and walkways. Along with mellow wood and stone, it brings out the true essence of the space people long for. The pure and simple materials turn the space into a tranquil oasis to relax the mind, body and soul.
The delicate grayish-white stone patterns are accompanied by a clean white hanging shoe cabinet, unveiling an elegant entryway. Without touching the ceiling, the shoe cabinet allows a ray of daylight to enter, which provides an ambiguous sense of visual depth and a lighter, more streamlined look.
Silver white marble sets the tone of the main wall, and titanium-plated metal panels are inlaid in the middle of the marble to create a magnificent TV wall. A white space separates the upper and lower layers from the wood to give the eye room to breathe and avoid a cluttered feeling in the rich layered residence. Unlike any traditional interior design scheme, the rounded edge at the turn of the main wall erases the rigidity.
Visual divisions between each area are created by using different flooring materials. The warm wood flooring designates the communal area, while light-toned wood flooring forms the base of pathways. The communal area is extended horizontally with a living room as the center and an open study room and a dining room on either side. Visually, wood provides a sense of stability that allows the space to embody its mission to provide an elegant reading environment. The desk and the bookcase are integrated with each other, while the outlets and network cables are installed into the wall to make the most of the space as well as creating a simple, neat view. In the sun-filled dining room, the dining sideboard with inky stone patterns echoes the sliding doors of the kitchen. The gold veins in the backdrop provide a low-key yet luxurious vibe to the dining space.
In the narrow corridor leading to the private space, the wall continues the texture of the main wall. Its natural stone patterns and rustic wood accents ooze a quiet, serene atmosphere. The successively layered materials interweaved with black mirrors break the monotony of the space. The light bands and recessed lights sparkle like splendid crystals. The straight corridor is the perfect foil to the vista wall with dark blue veins. The use of contrasting shades creates an eye-catching effect and makes the space feel less narrow and confined.

Double Design Architecture Studio

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