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International Design Pioneer Award

RONDS Equipment Intelligent Service Series Product Project


Project Description

Project Name: RONDS Equipment Intelligent Service Series Product Project —— Landscape Design Scheme
Project Location: Hefei High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Anhui Province
Project Area: 15728.8 square meters
Design Time: January 2023
Design Team: Liu Rongrong, An Ping
Intelligent manufacturing is a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts, which is the core content to promote the industry to move towards the middle and high end. As a pilot demonstration enterprise of intelligent manufacturing, RONDS hopes to create a vibrant garden-style office environment that can relax the mind and stimulate the imagination of employees, so that work, life, and natural scenes are intertwined.
The RONDS ’s building complex is a BOX block interspersed structure. The south side building has six floors, and the elliptical circular interface stacks the exterior of the building to present the landscape space such as the central courtyard and terrace. To better complete the concept of a garden-style office, we designed the landscape and central courtyard of the park to be a beautiful garden that can feel the changes of the four seasons, and the terrace is an extension of the office space, in addition to outdoor leisure, it will also become a working environment that promotes employee communication and stimulates enthusiasm and creativity.
A meandering water feature flows like a stream, and its extension directs employees and visitors into the RONDS. The leisure plaza is paved with tree arrays and inlaid grass, and the sunny lawn and various rest seats set up in between create a comfortable and pleasant environment, providing people with a garden rest space, which is a good place for strolling and relaxing. The circular square formed by the curved planting pond in front of building A not only beautifies the park but also plans a reasonable circulation line for motor vehicles, so that they can smoothly drive out of the park after reaching the drop-off position, avoiding mixing with the flow of people. Considering that the corridor on the first ground floor is the central courtyard and the extended space of the interior, the landscape of the corridor on the first floor is combined with the landscape of the central courtyard in the design.
The central courtyard is the center focal point of buildings A, B, and C, where traffic and people flow, and the sight line of office buildings gather. This convergence area has a green island, a pool of mirror water is used in the center, and with the daily sunrise and sunset, the pool water naturally transpires and gathers rainwater on rainy days to form a natural rainwater cycle. The surface of the mirror water is set with artistic sculptures derived from corporate products, as well as scenery trees. A healthy circular promenade is formed around Green Island. The surrounding ring road and Tingbu increase the connectivity of the park and improve the accessibility of the destination. Curved colorful seating and outdoor lounge stools provide plenty of space to rest. The terrace is an open and flexible space where public spaces, communication spaces, and office spaces can all extend from the interior to the adjacent outdoor terrace. Here, employees can get close to nature, breathe fresh air, and work and communicate more easily. Movable tables, chairs, and flower utensils take into account the components of the contemporary workplace, such as flexibility and interactivity, and make the space freer. The rooftop terrace features walking trails, basketball courts, five-a-side football pitches, and plenty of lounge seating to provide employees with a convenient outdoor activity space.


BEIJING TSINGSHANG ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE is an architectural design engineering enterprise controlled by Tsinghua University, and its predecessor is Tsinghua Gongmei Environmental Art Design Institute with construction engineering interior design qualifications. As early as the fifties of the last century, the older generation of designers of the Academy of Arts and Crafts took the lead in creating the architectural decoration design major in China. Xi Xiaopeng, Pan Changhou, Luo Wuyi, He Zhenqiang, and other famous designers have led students to participate in the design of ten major buildings such as the Great Hall of the People, the History Museum, the National Culture Palace, and the Beijing Exhibition Hall. To realize the combination of teaching and practice, the Institute of Environmental Art Research and Design of the Academy of Arts and Crafts was established in April 1988, and in the same year, it obtained the qualification certificate of "Construction Engineering Interior Design Special" issued by the Ministry of Construction. Founded by famous architects and educators, this design institution with architectural design, interior design, and environmental art design as its main business has played an important role in promoting the integration of production, learning, and research in colleges and universities, undertaking social projects, and cultivating talents. In November 1999, the School of Arts and Crafts was merged into Tsinghua University, and the "Institute of Environmental Art Research and Design of the Academy of Arts and Crafts" was renamed "BEIJING TSINGSHANG ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE". A modern enterprise with outstanding performance, various professional design talents, and the artistic heritage of Tsinghua University was born.
At present, BEIJING TSINGSHANG ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE have seven professional design institutes, four research institute,s and more than a dozen professional design studios. In 2014, the business turnover exceeded 300 million yuan, the comprehensive design strength ranked among the top three in the industry, and the design projects completed in recent years, such as the office building of the Military Commission, the National Art Museum of China, the new building of the Capital Museum, the Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Hall, the Tibet Museum of Natural Science and Technology, the Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Center, and the Wanda commercial space in many cities, have won many national and provincial awards, not only won the praise of the industry, but also accumulated rich experience in office buildings, shopping malls, museums, theaters, colleges and universities, and environmental landscape design. BEIJING TSINGSHANG ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE attaches great importance to extensive international cooperation and has had successful and friendly cooperation with Parisian Creative Design Group, America SOM International Architectural Consulting Co., Ltd., America NBBJ Architectural Consulting Co., Ltd., and Marshall Design Company of Australia. Relying on the scientific research strength of Tsinghua University, BEIJING TSINGSHANG ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE has conducted extensive and in-depth research in environmental protection, acoustics, lighting, and art design, and has obtained more than ten design patents. BEIJING TSINGSHANG ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE will take "people-oriented, design, strive for innovation and pursuit" as its business philosophy, and provide high-quality services for society with innovative design.

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