IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Bluetown Shanghai Xiangyuehuating Hotel

by Zhejiang Bluetown United Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd.

Project Description

The design of the Bluetown Shanghai XiangyueHuating Hotel Project is based on the new hotel form of the health care hotel, and strives to create a lifestyle of returning to the garden and living in the countryside. The project is located in Huating Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, with a total construction area of about 6200 ㎡. The building facade of the hotel adopts the traditional Chinese style, with white walls and black tiles, and the refinement and strengthening of traditional Chinese elements; The overall color is simple and elegant, and the building facade is stretch and simple. The building is fully combined with external farmland and lakeside to create a model of rural resort hotel. The hotel is equipped with a layout along the lake, and an open pedestrian corridor is set up along the lake. The main moving line is extended along the lake, making full use of the existing landscape resources. An atrium is set inside to form a rich landscape system. The logistics channel and staff entrance and exit are set on the west side. The streamline is separated. The dining area, bar area, fitness area, lobby area and guest room area are set from the west to the east. The layout is square and the function is clear. The layout of hotel rooms continues the traditional Jiangnan Chinese settlement cluster mode, introducing natural landscape into the garden, and creating multi-level space such as alley-courtyard-room to form layered spaces and courtyards, which interact with the interior. The supporting group of the hotel is arranged along the lake, and the open Chinese corridor is set along the landscape, and the lobby, catering, fitness and other hotel supporting functions are set inside, making full use of the existing natural resources of the site.The interior design starts from the regional style of Jiading District in Shanghai, focuses on the setting of health care functions, and makes full use of natural resources according to the principle of "people-oriented" to create an interior space with harmonious materials, shapes and colors.

Zhejiang Bluetown United Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd.

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