IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Joven Liang & Leona Liao

Project Description

Nanshan, Shenzhen
500㎡· Unique Art Penthouse
Simplify the complexity and elevate the artistic conception
The owner of this private residence is a collector with exceptional taste and extensive knowledge. The collection boasts a variety of precious items from all over the world, spanning across different eras. However, only a small portion of the collection is displayed.
The essence of art is hidden within the space, like precious treasures from ancient times. The collector has carefully curated the collection, and the pieces are displayed in a profound and captivating way. The artwork silently interacts with the people in the space, showcasing its infinite charm and value. Each piece of art whispers the story of how it came to meet the collector.
The space layout is designed to be natural and relaxing, with materials that create a sense of rhythm. The details are exquisite and sophisticated, with a fusion of natural and artificial elements that blend old and new in a perfect balance of irregularity and coherence. The space is rich but not overwhelming, clean and orderly, and displays a sense of freedom and ease that is both restrained and relaxed.

Joven Liang & Leona Liao

Founded in 2015 by couple Joven Liang and Leona Liao, URD is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. We are unwaveringly passionate about creating beautiful spaces.
We believe that interior design is not just about fulfilling functional requirements, but also about paying attention to the relationships between people and between people and space. We believe that design is not simply a matter of piling function and form together; spaces can convey emotion and attitude, and design is about using a unique and delicate language to enrich and complete the story of each space.
We infuse every space we touch with our passion and warmth. We believe in the power of love and strive to live up to the expectations of those who have an attitude towards life and a pursuit of space.

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