IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Creative Jungle


Project Description

The project is a duplex office space located in Taipei with an interior area of approximately 661 square meters. As the client is a Japanese-American advertising company that emphasizes creative ideas, it is requested to provide a comfortable working environment and atmosphere for the staffs outside of the traditional office format. The designer used cool black, white, and gray tones as the base to make the space flow with fashionable atmosphere, and through some orderly and elegant straight lines and geometric shapes, to show the modern style of a smooth and generous spirit.
On the second floor, the slogan of the company 'CREATE WIN WIN MARKET' is arranged by daylight lamps on the mezzanine floor. In order to reflect this slogan as the core concept of the company, the radial light strips are designed to be placed on the ceiling to link the whole interior space. The relaxation area uses a lot of wood to create a healing and relaxing atmosphere, and to bring a sense of home warmth into the environment. In addition, turf areas and green plants are used to decorate each corner, revitalizing the entire office space and adding more energy and vitality. Unlike ordinary office spaces, each meeting room in this case is designed in a unique way, allowing staff to choose the appropriate meeting space according to the nature of the meeting and the personalities of the people attending the meeting. The design of the main meeting room subtly incorporates the company's core color of blue, giving the entire room a softer and more comfortable atmosphere.


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