IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Shape with things

by SUA DESIGN, Yishuang Chen

Projet Description

"Drawing a rush of water, twists and turns with the mountains and rocks, shaped with things, changing the water, so-called elegant." Song·Su Shi's "Painting Water Notes" truly depicts the water flow without changing or distorting the natural form of things. And then he can get things to be perfectly presented.
Create a sense of high-level with gray scale, dark and neutral tone, converge the impetuous and disturbed thoughts of the outside world, and amplify the existence of self. Don't be pretentious and not pretentious, give the owner a sense of wrapping and calm emotions, so that people's spirit can be immersed, and a long-term home experience can be obtained.
Marble, wood grain texture, and leather respectively present hard, neutral, soft and cold, medium and warm textures. The collision of the three materials in the space creates an atmosphere of "hardness and softness". The metaphor of exquisiteness in "luxury residence", and the outline of vitality in "simple residence".

SUA DESIGN, Yishuang Chen
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