IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

The owners and designers have a lot of consensus on the preferences of the space form and the design concept: open and free public spaces, eclectic rest methods (creating the most comfortable space possible), and blurred space boundaries,a space is endowed with multiple functions, a private space, a smooth flow, a clear understanding of one's own needs and contempt for "what others would think", and so on.
Based on the actual situation of the owner’s family, our zoning proposal is: the first floor is a public space, as open and free as possible. The two children are young and live on the first floor. The second floor is the master bedroom space, which is as functional and comfortable as possible. In addition, the slightly low space on the second floor caused by the sloping roof is planned as a children's play area.
The position and form of the stairs are the entry point for the design. We hope that the stairs are not only transportation facilities, but also spatial highlights. We chose the location of the stairs to take into account the open feeling of the first floor and the maximum use of the second floor. Moreover, where the stairs on the first floor start, the initial steps are stretched to form a platform, which can be sat or lie down, and a small tree is set in it to form an indoor visual focus. The direction here is close to the west, and there will be a very beautiful light and shadow under the sun.
The owner is a culinary expert and has high requirements for the kitchen and dining room. We generously allocated one-third of the area of the first floor to the kitchen space, and set up a kitchen with complete functions and smooth movement, which greatly improved the owner's use.

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