IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

City of sky

by Haochen Su

Projet Description

The designer integrates the artistic style of the magic city into the space. Modernity, architecture, nature, without losing the artistic style, show de-complication and conciseness. The artistic conception of virtuality and reality coexist gestates the quality and connotation suitable for the contemporary living environment. When the house is given the meaning of home. Then it is no longer a habitat but a memory of life time. The emotion of space is often hidden in the details, hidden in the depths of the years, behind it is the cherishment of life and the understanding of people. At some special moments, it is a kind of care and exploration of life. For designers, they capture a certain moment in nature and try to insert it into a static architectural space, engraving the language of design in time, and inspire heterogeneous feelings and experiences.

Haochen Su
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