IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Changming Qu

Projet Description

The imprints of life, the bits and pieces of love, are adorned into the tidbits of time, and the years are long. Passing years, exploring and living with the one you love. The TV background wall takes the attitude of less is more to create more imagination space for the interior. The idea of large-area blank space is echoed by the bright color embellishment that escapes, returning to the essence of the TV wall and leaving more vision on the TV. The lighting adopts the design of no main light, and the hidden downlight is matched with the hidden track light. Create a concise top and visually increase the layer height. The sofa background wall adopts black and white wall coverings, which outlines a delicate layering, as if gathering the trivial and sparkling beauty in life, just take it out in a few days and savor it carefully.

Changming Qu
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