IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Bathing in light

by Ziven

Projet Description

The design pursues the appearance of "home", upholds the restraint of "simplicity", and resolves the noisy and troubles of urban life through condensed forms. Focusing on the nuances of the simple interface, the rigorous attitude of repeated scrutiny gives the "minimalist" style a profound sense of luxury.
[Space layout]
The house structure is square, with good ventilation and lighting conditions. When planning the space, the main difficulty is how to set up and arrange the cloakroom and the study room with good lighting.
In response to the owner's request for adequate storage space in the cloakroom, the design integrated the two rooms adjacent to the master bedroom to act as a cloakroom. The extended part of the living room and dining room is flexibly partitioned and planned as a study room with compact size but comfortable use and excellent lighting. At the same time, the daylight obtained from the study room can also be used as a supplement to the natural light source of the restaurant, paying good attention to the permeability of the space.
The display and storage space are reasonably integrated, and the regular arrangement of the interface highlights the beauty of the structure. White and gray are interspersed, and a little light wood color is used to embellish the calm and intellectual atmosphere, to get rid of the cold dullness and depression.

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