IDPA Japan Design Award

Shanghai Anandi Hotel Huzhou Fengxi Mansion

by Li Wei

Projet Description

Shanghai Anandi Hotel The hotel is a five-star hotel located in the central area of Changning District, Shanghai. The specific location is Block 2, 225 block street, Xinjing Town, Changning District of Shanghai (Linkong 11-2 land), with a 50-meter green belt of Suzhou River in the east, Linkong 11-1 land of Business-intelligence of Oriental Nations Corporation in the west and north, and Zhujiabang village in the south. Block. The site is about 140 meters long from north to south and 190 meters long from east to west, with a total land area of about 17570.9 square meters.
The overall layout, structure, and landscape of the hotel are integrated into the surroundings, expressing the implicit and restrained connotations of Chinese traditional culture. The virtual-actual combination between hotel building and landscape enriches the limited internal space to be more dynamic. The rich sense of hierarchy and the clever use of river landscape resources adds richness to the spatial relationship between the site and the surrounding environment.
Among them, the ground area is 35141.8 square meters, and the underground area is about 30000 square meters; the building covers an area of 7028.36 square meters; the plot ratio is 2; the green ratio is 30%; the building density is 40%; the building height limit is 40 meters.
The guiding ideology of "people-oriented": Regarding the comfort of the building as the highest standard to implement it from the overall layout, external environment, and apartment layout;
Sustainability: Approach the design of the block from a dynamic perspective of development, starting with the concept of a five-star hotel, considering not only the integration with its history but also the future development;
Ecology: Pay more attention to natural conditions, detailed analysis, and utilization of the original resources, combining the environment with the building, and forming an ecosystem;
Times: The scheme design fully considers the actual situation of Shanghai and combines its characteristics such as terrain, function, and image to build a five-star hotel with elegance, a perfect environment, and a distinctive personality. It is located near the river and becomes a real scene like the famous painting "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival".
Environmental protection and economy: The scheme design of the plot involves complex plots with multiple functions. Not only the functional blocks of the site are in harmony with each other, but also they are in perfect integration with the city. A successful architectural design brings along the entire urban design, forming a symbiosis and co-prosperity mechanism, further enhancing the vitality of the architecture.
This project consists of a high-rise building and a multi-story building. The high-rise building towards the southeast form a protective shape, and those multi-story buildings are on the opposite side. The main entrance is located on the north side, along the red line, which surrounds the buildings in the entire plot.
The superiority of ventilation and lighting of the slab-type high-rise building; the design of the façade avoids the curtain wall system with high energy consumption. The relative scale of the buildings on both sides of the river and the neighborhood connects itself closely with the whole environment. The façade design adopts a simple architectural style with traditional Chinese elements to become more noble and durable. The façade uses stone and glass, and the whole tone is light tones, which has a typical urban characteristic.
Taking the output greater than the input as the starting point, through the use of structural forms, efficient space utilization, simple facade design of the hotel, flexible and variable plane layout, and reasonable layout of commercial streets, the hotel fully ensures the economic efficiency.
Huzhou Fengxi Mansion
It is located near Huzhou High-speed Railway Station, east of Yangdong Road, south to Xisaishan Road, west to Yangxi Road, and north to Xifengyang Road. The total planned land area of the project is 80520.6 m2 (contract 121 mu), and the nature of the land is for office, business, and commercial use. The plot ratio is 2.50-2.65, and the total construction area is about 300,000 m2.
This project undertakes the missions of scientific and technological innovation, financial development, industrial agglomeration, and talent introduction and training. Through the flexible curve of the façade and the upwardly extending architectural form, the image of a fish leaping over the gantry is formed. It shows the powerful assistance that Huzhou provides for talents and realizes the goal of the common take-off of talent cities.
The layout of the twin towers makes it possible to create a unique symbol of the city in combination with the city image. We hope that the reflections formed by the two connected super high-rise buildings on the West Wind Lake will form the abbreviation H of Huzhou. The concise and straightforward Huzhou H will be the north and south two The first impression of the crowd when they saw this case. The iconic shape combined with the water surface of Xifengyang Lake forms an integrated city image that echoes the architectural landscape.
Through the yin and yang gossips, the two podium buildings symbolize the truth that yin and yang sympathize with all things, and like the calligrapher's "one stroke and one stroke", it can be freely retracted. Born out of a famous historical and cultural city in the south of the Yangtze River with a history of 2,300 years, it has left a brand-new and rich stroke in the traditional historical picture of Huzhou.
The two towers form a certain angle with the main road to ensure that each side can feel the Xifengyang Lake, Jiadou River, and Wujiaba and the city landscape in the distance.
The 230-meter super high-rise main facade faces the direction of the high-speed rail, and guests on the high-speed rail line can experience the most iconic super high-rise buildings.
Lighting design will be divided into static mode and dynamic mode according to the different needs of daily lighting and festival lighting, each mode reflects different thematic characteristics.
Static mode - elegant, refined
In the "static" mode, the overall light color of the lighting is white, with an elegant and stable tone, which avoids the tacky color light may bring to the main building, and makes the whole main building have a "stern" temperament. The four facades all use vertical linear light strips, which do not lose the momentum of going straight to the sky and contain the implication of being positive and rising steadily.
Dynamic Mode - Brilliant Bloom
At certain festivals, the facade of the main building adopts LED full-color digital tubes with vertical lines, which are arranged in parallel in a large area to form a screen module. Under the control of the DMX controller, the dynamic transformation effect can be realized, making the building more dazzling on a festive night.

Li Wei

General Manager of GOALTHINK Architects Associates.
Partner of Shanghai Shen Lian Architectural Design Co., Inc.
CEO of China Urban Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd.
He graduated from Zhejiang University, joined the USA GOALTHINK Architects Associates in 1999, and took the role of the general manager of GOALTHINK China in 2005. He advocates ecological and innovative design, is committed to the in-depth understanding of the customers' intentions and needs, significantly increasing the value of clients with a full range of high-quality design and services, and seeking the best combination of benefits. His cross-border professionalism satisfies the current design-oriented concept and gets integrated design benefits. He has been focusing on urban commercial complexes, super high-rise buildings, and the R&D and design of urban resource regeneration for more than ten years and has won many awards in ecological design. His design concept is every building needs to present beauty to glitter in the city and become the reflection of the city's future.

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