IDPA Japan Design Award

Courtyard by Marriott ,Gaoming

by Zhou Tao (Travis Chow)
Zhou Tao (Travis Chow)

Travis Chow Leo Global Design CO.,LT Founder / Chief Designer;
Members of the 14th and 15th Haizhu District Committee of the CPPCC;
Vice President of Guangzhou Overseas Students Association of Overseas Students;
The first outstanding executive director of Guangdong Federation of Commerce;
Vice President of Guangdong Provincial Environmental Art and Design Association;
President of Hotel Design Committee of Guangdong Architectural Soft Decoration Industry Association;
Vice President unit of Guangzhou Design Industry Association;
2019 Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Award;
2018 2018REARD ® Real Estate Star Design Award Commercial Star Design Bronze Award;
2018 American Gold Key Awards "Gold Key Awards" Design Award;
2018 China Interior Decoration Association - Outstanding Designer of China Interior Decoration Industry;
2018 French"GPDP AWARD"international design award global image ambassador;
2018 International Space Design Award·The 6th IDG Golden Creativity Award International Undergraduate Space Design Competition" Distinguished Design Instructor;
2018 USA-Global Chinese Model Designer Award;
2017 USA-International Impact Design Agency Award;
2018 Global Influential Chinese Model Designer Award;
2017 French "GPDP AWARD"international design award TOP10 Most Internationally Influential Designer Award;
2017 French "GPDP AWARD"international design award TOP10 Most Internationally Influential Design Agency Award;
In 2017, the entrepreneurial mentor of the 4th "Qingchuang Cup" Guangzhou Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Returnee Youth Special Competition;
From 2008 to 2014, he won various individual awards of China Hotel Starlight Award;
2010 Senior Interior Architect of China Building Decoration Association;
2010 China International Space Environment Art Design Competition "Nesting Award" in hotel space plan category;
Gold Award and Excellence Award in Catering and Entertainment Engineering;
2009 Asia Hotel International Forum, the new leader of China's hotel industry;
2009 Guangzhou Excellent Decoration Designer;
In 2009, the fourth batch of national accomplished senior interior architects;
The third batch of national outstanding young and middle-aged interior architects in 2008;
2008 National Construction Engineering Decoration Award Double Gold Award;
2008 Best Designer of China Hotel Industry in Asia Hotel International Forum;
2008 Silver Award of the 3rd Guangdong Environmental Art Design Competition;
2007 Guangdong Province "Lingnan Cup Ten Outstanding Designers";
2007 National Construction Engineering Decoration Gold Award Project Designer;
2007 National Interior Design "Top Ten New Figures";

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