IDPA Japan Design Award


by Pan Ji

Projet Description

Located on the shore of the Wenyu River, the only river in Beijing that flows in all seasons, Luneng Grasse Town has a unique residential environment within the city of Beijing, based in the positioning of the project. In the consistently modern approaching, uphold the contemporary design language and made aesthetics with nature, to realize the beautiful interaction between human and environment, and meticulously created this space connecting art and life with the nearly demanding standard.
Red in forbidden city's high wall,yellow in Di Tan's gingko,loving in XiangShan's evening, maple leaves colored the sunset, Beijing, an inexhaustible autumn view, the inexhaustible history of the ancient capital. Gingko yellow, maple red, full and rich, to impart the clean and pure autumn day, distinctive colors.

Pan Ji

IADC design director Ji Pan , who was an experienced explorer of new modes of communication between human and nature, was exploring the beauty of Beijing in autumn in words, delighted in discovering the unique beauty of the city's nature, from the color changes in Beijing in autumn, in- depth observation of life, absorbed inspiration, bright as ginkgo, maples as bright as the sunset, bright yellow and red-orange color collision to stimulated different layers of color, to brought the palette of nature into the space. The "modern, light luxury and natural" tone is the design concept of this project.
Close to nature ambience, dedicated and refined details, allowed residents to return to back to the most authentic life, putting "Autumn" the warmth and romanticism of autumn was hidden in each tiny detail of the space, a painting presenting the contemporary elegant and pleasant autumn life slowly launched.

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