IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Set sail

by Musheng Space Decoration Design &Engineering (Wuhan) Co.

Project Description

The project is MUSE Coatings' spaceship pavilion at China Construction Expo. Themed by "Cosmos - Set sail," the pavilion combines the mysterious and unpredictable universe and the all-encompassing art coatings, creating a highly creative space with technological visual elements.
The whole pavilion is shaped like a sailing spacecraft. It is primarily covered by dark, grainy coatings to stand for the mysterious universe and the aspiration to explore outer space. The pavilion is designed by simulating the layout of a spaceship with a front cabin, information cabin, orbital cabin, transmission cabin, command cabin, rest cabin, and observation cabin. The front cabin symbolizes the entrance of the spaceship, and the design team uses lights to simulate the stars to introduce users to deeper space. The information cabin displays brand information and coating materials to build a communication bridge between the brand and visitors. The orbital cabin is the venue to explain various types of coatings to visitors. The transmission cabin represents the brand's new product R&D center, which means the rigorous and innovative spirit of the design team.
The command module is a crucial part of the whole pavilion. The central console and its surrounding "robot arms" show the new coatings. Meanwhile, the bay inside the module allows visitors to take a break and communicate. The rest cabin allows employees and visitors to take a break. In contrast, the observing cabin represents stands for the exploration of the deep universe. Such a design symbolizes endless research and development and explores more possibilities for the brand.

Musheng Space Decoration Design &Engineering (Wuhan) Co.

Musheng Space Decoration Design &Engineering (Wuhan) Co. It is a comprehensive design company committed to real estate/office/commercial space/high-end private homes and other fields. It pays attention to the malleability and creative thinking inside and outside the space, advocates the use of simple art to create emotional intercommunication of the space, creates unique interest and possibility, and cleverly balances the boundaries of multiple styles.
As a new creative service design agency, Musheng Design is committed to breaking through the single aesthetic thinking mode, mining the unique soul of the project, and becoming a space operator and life guide beyond the popular trend.

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