IDPA Japan Design Award


by Lin lianhua

Project Description

I will always be with you
Hair style update "is a part of everyone's life in modern society, which is not only satisfied with people's needs for labor, life, and other aspects, but also reflects different personalities and aesthetic standards, showcasing specific images and social charm. Both humans and space seem to be trying new faces through repeated transformations.
Fajing FAAZII Vanke Plaza store has been rooted here for 7 years. Throughout the entire design and implementation, founder Alan was full of passion. He said, "I hope to convey the concept of 'I will always be with you' to customers. With a brand new appearance and new space, we will bring a comfortable and relaxed experience to every new and old customer
The image wall made of imported tiles not only attracts the eye with modern aesthetics, but also achieves the function of lighting, creating an atmosphere that resembles a classical grille that is constantly separated and changing scenery, increasing the fun and interactivity of the space.
Hairdressing is no longer just about simple hairstyle cutting and styling care, but design also needs to go beyond design. Designers are people-oriented, pursuing the ultimate user experience, using simple, exquisite and healing colors, and using micro cement as the main wall material to make the overall space more stable and peaceful. The hidden light strip inside the standing hair clipper mirror is sealed with stainless steel, giving it a mechanical aesthetic.
Busy work and life bring people endless pressure to vent, but every time they sit in the seat of a salon, their thoughts become empty and their exhausted bodies and minds take a moment to breathe. The hair salon itself is a physical manifestation of the self-healing process, bringing a continuous stream of positive energy and a radiant state to people.
We did not create too complex dynamic lines in spatial planning. We wanted to express a direct way of interaction, allowing for waiting, changing clothes, washing hair, cutting hair, and finishing in one go. At the same time, it also places greater emphasis on allowing everyone to feel the most direct visual transmission of beautiful things from any angle within this space.
The geometric clues of square and circle, arranged neatly in seats, form order through exploration and change. Space deconstructs and overlaps in such clues, and square and circle also balance the free flow of space. The overlapping space is both separated and continuous, and people's understanding of things is both vague and clear. When all intentionality is weakened, it may be the true continuation.
The grandeur of the big scene is extraordinary, and the small details are equally thought-provoking. The ubiquitous red mascot "Jingjing" injects vitality into the space with the identity of a young master and the color of jumping off. Lightweight and fashionable, with extraordinary interpretations, exquisite detail handling, and visually appropriate proportions, the genes of art are infused into our souls in this way. All the ideas implanted into space are designed to evoke notes deep in people's hearts, either for comfort or joy.

Lin lianhua

14 years of experience in interior design
Excellent Designer in Fujian Province
2020 China Design New Youth Selection "City Recommendation Officer"
2021 Asia Pacific Space Design Annual Selection "Most Original Designer"
Representative residential works: Rongqiao Bund, Zhonggeng Hongding Tianxia, residential themed villas, etc
Business Representative: Fajing, Teresa Women's Wear with Magician

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