IDPA Japan Design Award

MEIZU flagship store

by Wuhan Huachuang Building Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Meizu Wuhan flagship store is located on Chuhehan Street, one of the core commercial districts in Wuhan. This area boasts the richest commercial content and the most fashionable brands in China, as well as being a hub for world-class cultural projects, which aligns with Meizu's brand philosophy of "love without boundaries, blending and renewal". The diversity and inclusiveness of Chuhehan Street perfectly match this concept.
The store covers an area of approximately 800 square meters and is a comprehensive experience center that integrates product experience sales, user operations, leisure services, and after-sales services. It is committed to providing consumers with multi-terminal, full-scenario, immersive fusion experiences. The experience area inside the store is divided into several themes, such as the smart living area, music area, and photography area, each displaying Meizu's latest technology and products, allowing consumers to experience the charm of the products first-hand. The store also has a professional after-sales service area to provide consumers with more convenient, fast, and efficient services. At the same time, there is a leisure area inside the store where consumers can relax and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.
The interior design of Meizu Wuhan flagship store is a space that combines a sense of technology with humanized design, aimed at providing users with the most advanced technology experience while also paying attention to their feelings and needs. The design inspiration for the interior space comes from the future world and natural ecology. By combining futuristic technology elements with natural elements, a space full of vitality and vigor has been created. The interior space is divided into multiple functional areas, such as the leisure area, office area, and conference area, providing users with a comprehensive range of services. The designer also considered the user's comfort and privacy, using soft lighting and partition designs to create a comfortable and private environment, allowing users to relax and feel at ease in the space. In addition, the designer provided users with a variety of seats, tables, and other facilities to accommodate different user needs and preferences. The 3D naked-eye giant screen and European-style architectural wall in the store create a striking visual effect, giving people an unprecedented sense of technology and futurism. The glass curtain wall allows the scenery inside and outside the store to be seen clearly while also creating a bright, transparent, and minimalist atmosphere, showcasing the brand's design sense.

Wuhan Huachuang Building Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Huachuang Design is a comprehensive design integrated service company that focuses on commercial space design, founded in 2017 and headquartered in China. The company's core design philosophy is "people-oriented," and it is committed to bringing design into every aspect of practical life by providing all-around design solutions to society. The company is dedicated to creating high-quality commercial spaces that empower commercial missions and values and create design masterpieces that transcend time. Huachuang Design's service offerings cover hotels, commercial real estate, city exhibition halls, and block packaging, among other areas.
For Huachuang Design, commercial space design is not just about aesthetics and surface decoration, but also about fine operation and management of commercial scenarios, as well as the carrier for pleasant interaction between commercial space and human beings. Therefore, the company is driven by ecology and sustainable development, and it focuses on harmony, sustainability, and development between technology, nature, and human beings. In the design process, the company combines nature, science, and humanities to provide clients with the best design solutions. In its unique design style, Huachuang Design pays attention to both integrating into the local cultural background and catering to modern fashion trends, optimizing the use of commercial spaces to improve their profitability.
In addition to commercial space design, Huachuang Design also offers services in other fields, such as hotels, commercial real estate, city exhibition halls, and block packaging. With its unique experience and professional capabilities, the company has built a perfect commercial space ecosystem. Huachuang Design continuously explores new commercial space requirements, takes client needs as the guidance, provides sophisticated design solutions, and offers experiential, high-quality design services to meet the diverse needs of different clients. Throughout the service process, the company constantly communicates and collaborates with clients to achieve higher-quality design outcomes.
As a young and dynamic design company, Huachuang Design actively explores international development strategies, provides clients with better design solutions and services with innovative and leading design concepts and technologies. In practical projects, the company emphasizes the implementation of environmental protection concepts, adheres to the design philosophy of sustainable development, aims to reduce environmental burdens and promote resource conservation, and creates greater economic and social value for society and clients.
In the future, Huachuang Design will continue to focus on the design field, continuously innovate and optimize design solutions, create outstanding commercial spaces for clients through good management and service, and strive tirelessly to achieve a better quality of life.

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