IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Secret place of Floating light,Nature’s poetry

by Zhong Yuntao

Projet Description

The project is located in mudashan Cartier, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, with a building area of 600 square meters.
The owner is a successful couple. The two owners want to return to a quiet life in recent years after the noise of life. Since both owners have experience of living in Europe, the design of this case has always been to seek the design inspiration of finding beauty in the essence of life to create a comfortable and comfortable home for the two owners.
Design Introduction
It should be that there are many daylighting openings in the original structure of the house, and the scenery outside the window is also very good. Therefore, we are very restrained in the design to avoid too much non functional wall modeling in the interior design. We focus on indoor furnishings and furniture to create a comfortable artistic space atmosphere.
At the porch we changed the structure of the original house. I use the beam and arch structure to separate the space of the entrance hall. The dome ceiling and lamp porch round table are integrated to create a different visual sense.
In the living room area, I broke the traditional arrangement mode when arranging the furniture, aiming to create a composite living room function so that the lightweight office and reading of chat can be realized in this space. Let the living room become a social space. I used black carbonized wood on the striking wall in the living room. It gives people a strong artistic feeling of natural texture when they watch it closely.
The design of this case is still based on life. You can feel the comfort of life with French romance.

Zhong Yuntao

Founder of Yien space design
2017 The 12th Golden Bund best residential award r of Yien space design
2018 Sichuan interior design elite competition top tenr of Yien space design
2018 Comprehensive bronze award of summit Design Awardr of Yien space design
2018 Top ten designers of China urban interior design
2019 Top100 list of Chinese interior design
2020 Annual influential figure of China's urban interior design elite
2020 Design focus annual villa and mansion Design Award
2020 The 16th Golden Bund best commercial space Award

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