IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

SANHUA Commercial Refrigeration | Intellectual Experience Center


Project Description

The modern enterprise exhibition hall with an international vision is built for the Sanhua Group. With the form of “the interaction of digitalization and intelligence” and immersive scene experience, the development history from the mechanical parts to the integrated electronic and mechanical system solutions is explained to the audience in a comprehensive and three-dimensional way, so that the corporate image will be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.
The overall design fully considers the visitors’ journey experience. By integrating the company introduction and the eight system solution scenes in the spatial transformation, and using the changing of light and shade, they intend to bring visitors clear spatial layers and centralized display contents, and thus visitors can intuitively know the products applied in various fields and scenes and related experiences as well. The project’s core design concept is “temperature is intellectualized everywhere”. It aims to stimulate the user’s interest in exploring the space through a series of interactive experiences, micro-scene sandboxes, visual contrast between light and dark space, and temperature-related warm and cold lighting or iceberg-themed images.
The main material of the space adopts bright light film, gray metal surface plate, and black back-painted glass to present the changing of light and shade. Complemented with the ground of light and dark color schemes, the display areas of varied scenes are sectioned.
The blue elements that symbolize the Sanhua brand enable the visitors’ eyes naturally extended to different spaces and help to reinforce their memory of the brand in the interaction. In the facade composition, the hemming technique of the exquisite panel is played via multimedia screens, which creates a visual façade with a sense of order.
As a vital window to publicize the brand, the showroom not only introduces the company and its products, but also shows the company’s persistent spirit of “focus on leading and innovation”, and finally becomes a system technology solution provider for customers in the industry and an important contributor to the green life for human beings.


Established in 1999, RE&DER DESIGN PLC has been rated as the National Industrial Design Center, the Vice President Unit of China Industrial Design Association, one of the Top Ten Design Institutions, and iF Award Judge Unit. It has gathered more than 300 global talents with diversified and multilevel innovative design capabilities, and won more than 100 international awards. Listed in 2014, it is hailed as the First Public Limited Industrial Design Company in China.
It takes products, space and brand as the core, specializing in the innovative design of multiple fields, such as product marketing strategy, retail store image, and brand building. Boasting the integrated capacity of innovation during whole process from insight, definition, design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing to branding, it has successfully cooperated with hundreds of global top 500 enterprises and first-class companies, created more than 2000 mega cases, and generated a business value exceeding 300 billion yuan.

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