IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

HENGJIU Clique Corporate Showroom


Project Description

Chain drive is a transmission mode that transmits power and motion through the meshing of chain and sprocket, and is used in many fields such as steel, petroleum, electric power, grain and oil. This showroom is designed for HENGJIU Clique, one of the top ten global chain drive corporates founded in 1953, and aims to let visitors have a comprehensive understanding of the corporate culture, development and technical advantages in a limited time, perceive the corporate's products and technology, and understand its honor and vision in a fun and novel experience.
Based on the corporate positioning of “SRDI” (specialized, refinement, differential and innovation), the showroom is divided into three chapters (“improve permanently, be tempered thoroughly, accumulate steadily”) with the space theme of “endless refinement”. The chapters are implemented in three spatial areas, respectively focusing on the development path of HENGJIU Clique, the specialization of in-depth research in multiple subdivisions and the refinement of product technology. And the originally cold and monotonous chain is transformed into the key elements linking the three areas, which invisibly bonds the whole space and forms a chain of potential energy that extends and reshapes infinitely, running through the development history and future vision of the corporate, thus forming a complete narrative closed loop.
The color scheme of the entire showroom is mainly metallic gray and lead white, highlighting the modern aesthetics of simple and precise work. The huge internal hanging screen has a strong visual impact, which not only enriches the space level, but also gives the space a sense of transparency and lightness. The hanging screen echoes the edge structure of the ground booth, which simulates the meshing of chains and sprockets and creates a strong association with product attributes and functions. Through the customized exhibition idea, the diversified product application fields are restored into different "micro-scenes". Combined with the visible product entities and interactive experience settings, it allows the audience to efficiently understand the innovative exploration of HENGJIU Clique in diversified industries, and to personally experience its impact on their daily lives. In addition, combined with the honors on display, the chain and conveyor props, which echo the brand attributes of the company and the theme of the showroom, three-dimensionally interpret the professionalism and brand power of the corporate.


Established in 1999, RE&DER DESIGN PLC has been rated as the National Industrial Design Center, the Vice President Unit of China Industrial Design Association, one of the Top Ten Design Institutions, and iF Award Judge Unit. It has gathered more than 300 global talents with diversified and multilevel innovative design capabilities, and won more than 100 international awards. Listed in 2014, it is hailed as the First Public Limited Industrial Design Company in China.
It takes products, space and brand as the core, specializing in the innovative design of multiple fields, such as product marketing strategy, retail store image, and brand building. Boasting the integrated capacity of innovation during whole process from insight, definition, design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing to branding, it has successfully cooperated with hundreds of global top 500 enterprises and first-class companies, created more than 2000 mega cases, and generated a business value exceeding 300 billion yuan.

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