IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Rainbow Starry

by Chengcheng Song

Project Description

Design works Name: Rainbow Starry
Area: 260 square meters
Design scope: exhibition design, interior design, lighting design
Design period: 20 days
Construction completion date: March 2023
Project Designer: Chengcheng Song
Rainbows symbolize beauty, fairy tales, nature, and fantasy.
The exhibition hall injects enthusiasm and vitality into the color contrast through the virtual and real, transparent, so that the connotation of the rainbow can be combined with the anime exhibits to refresh the appearance, confuse the senses and ignite the vision.
In the space, use iron mesh to spray rose red paint and blue purple paint to enrich the senses. The feeling of a transparent iron mesh creates a visual difference between near and far, allowing the space to display a sense of emptiness and reality, and immersing the viewer in different dimensions of time and space.
Orange and blue acrylic cabinets serve as the main walls, showcasing the functions of decorative paintings and modern art. The crystal like transparency of acrylic has a good color display effect. The strong contrast between blue and orange in the space corresponds to each other, with vibrant colors, large areas of color block rhythm, and interesting geometric stitching, possessing a very unique spatial temperament.
The overall space is illuminated by starlight from spotlights and rendered with RGB lighting effects, making the space agile, free, enhancing the atmosphere, and creating a beautiful and radiant fantasy space effect.

Chengcheng Song

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