IDPA Japan Design Award

Hidden Tavern

by Fangwu Fu

Project Description

The main features of the entire bar design are the use of natural and gorgeous lines, combined with metal, leather, and solid wood materials. The layered atmosphere of lighting and the application of classical and elegant color contributes to a vibe that is both subtly luxurious and mysteriously intriguing. The whiskey bar is a high-end and unique place of consumption. We aim to not only offer a variety of rich whiskey flavors but also provide an elegant and tasty environment for guests to relax, comfortable s eating, and soothing music. We want people to enjoy cocktails and exchange cultures in such a vibrant ambience.

Fangwu Fu

A professional interior designer since 2008, with extensive practical design experience. Guiding the development of the Wuxin team with a unique professional perspective and innovative ideas. Always adhering to the combination of traditional culture and modern elements, exploring the development of contemporary design in ethnic and national contexts, and emphasizing the diversity and coexistence of design cultures. Pursuing a design approach that rejuvenates interior spaces, infusing them with a sense of time and cultural significance. Striving for designs that are vibrant and internationally cutting-edge .

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