IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Luobin Yang

Project Description

The owner of this case has a rich life experience, with good aesthetic art and life taste, for home imagination, pay more attention to nature, function-based. Starting from the living conditions and the family itself, the designer makes the space naturally radiate a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and at the same time, appropriately through the soft-installed language translation and expression of the meaning of“Home”, create an ideal state of leisure and personality.

Luobin Yang

Luobin Design is a response to the living problems of today. Is to solve the problem of continuity in the past, present and future. It pays attention to the integration of contemporary aesthetics, culture and function, and constructs the space with simple and healthy concepts. With rational and scientific design methods, we provide customers with the best design and engineering solutions.

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