IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

LANDZO Science Laboratories


Project Description

LANDZO is a practitioner of the concept of STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics), aiming to help Chinese youth become AI talents. This project, with "super scenes" as the core strategy, is designed for the high-end toy brand experience store of LANDZO, extracting story scenes from the space adventure of brand IP "Xiaozhou" and deeply ingraining the brand image through narration.
The overall space of the spacecraft cabin is restored, making users feel as if they are invited into a space capsule to embark on an interstellar exploration journey that combines learning, competition, and gaming. The dynamic screen at the entrance features the lively and expressive "Xiaozhou" as an intelligent butler, working together with the open double entrance design to convey the theme and concept of the space travel story to users. The internal space of the simulated spacecraft cabin is divided into functional areas and layouts, with a main color scheme of space silver and technology blue, and a large area of metallic materials, bringing a futuristic and technological universe into reality.
Upon entering the cabin, the interactive screen and game-like equipment display cabinet stimulate user emotions. Users who are ignited with a passion for battle can choose between single-player challenges and two-player competition modes in the arena, enjoying a scientific and competitive experience. At the same time, the live interactive screen connected to the LANDZO app database can play real-time rankings and exciting matches, creating an atmosphere of passionate competition.
This project allows users to deeply experience the fun of STEAM education in a simulated daily scenario of "product + course", deepen the brand's imprint, and highly integrate LANDZO brand and product story, forming an online and offline scene content service closed loop, expanding LANDZO's exposure channels, and promoting the brand's high-end transformation.


Established in 1999, RE&DER DESIGN PLC has been rated as the National Industrial Design Center, the Vice President Unit of China Industrial Design Association, one of the Top Ten Design Institutions, and iF Award Judge Unit. It has gathered more than 300 global talents with diversified and multilevel innovative design capabilities, and won more than 100 international awards. Listed in 2014, it is hailed as the First Public Limited Industrial Design Company in China.
It takes products, space and brand as the core, specializing in the innovative design of multiple fields, such as product marketing strategy, retail store image, and brand building. Boasting the integrated capacity of innovation during whole process from insight, definition, design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing to branding, it has successfully cooperated with hundreds of global top 500 enterprises and first-class companies, created more than 2000 mega cases, and generated a business value exceeding 300 billion yuan.

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