IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Chaoyi,Li

Projet Description

This design is in Ruiling Village, Huadu District, Guangzhou. Huadu District is known as Guangzhou’s "North Gate", "Back Garden" and "China Leather Capital". Ruiling Village actively builds the "Ten Mile Bonsai Corridor", improves the village appearance, builds beautiful villages, and creates a model for rural revitalization in the new era. Relying on the advantages of Lingnan bonsai industry in Ruiling Village, Chini Town, using bonsai and plants to create a life aesthetic that is close to nature, and combining the cultural heritage of the "Hometown of Folk Culture and Art in Guangdong Province", it is promising to build a bonsai creative town. Ruiling bonsai belongs to the Lingnan school and is an important part of Lingnan bonsai. Ruiling bonsai, in various poses, is evergreen in all seasons. Among them, Podocarpus and Jiulixiang are the representative works of Ruiling bonsai. Ruiling bonsai is the most representative intangible cultural heritage in Huadu District. The Ruiling bonsai garden is specially set up in Huadu Senior Official's Temple to display the scenery of Ruiling bonsai in the pot. This design concept is to use plants to create a life aesthetic that is close to nature and explore the "natural code in space". The design theme is "one tree, one scene, one scene and one rhyme", and the design is carried out based on the design principles of "tradition, humanity, modernity, and philosophy". The main materials used in the design are mostly solid wood and marble, and the furniture design elements are mostly landscape paintings and calligraphy with Chinese elements. The display of furniture such as screens, wooden coffee tables, etc. contrasts with the bonsai, highlighting the strong national style elements and the strong artistic and cultural heritage.

Chaoyi Li

Although I have only been engaged in the interior design industry for two years, I have a certain understanding of project management, coordination experience and bidding proposal.I like painting in my spare time. I have a solid foundation of fine arts and some insights in interior design.I advocate changing life style through design.

Zhishan, Fang

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