IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Renovation of the sixth building of the Chongqing University


Projet Description

This project is a 30-year old building renovation project of Chongqing University. It not only needs to meet the coordination and unity of the overall campus style, but also create the uniqueness of the college itself. With limited funds, it is necessary to consider the three aspects of building appearance, structure, and interior, which is full of challenges and expectations.
The form of the learning environment, namely architecture, has a huge impact on the students' daily learning process. Therefore, the learning space is designed in accordance with the principles of modern democracy. All study and office spaces are interspersed with public spaces, creating direct connections with public spaces. The overall design language is simple, reflecting the sense of space through block surfaces and materials, allowing more possibilities in the future.The building is used for general teaching purposes, and the design of the learning space considers diverse and flexible contemporary learning principles. The built-in seats and learning boxes enhance the quality of the space and stimulate novel usage methods. The movable furniture can change the space according to different teaching situations.
The open atrium is a double passage leading to the terrace. The four-story full height can organize various activities, rooms suitable for workshops and student cafes for casual gatherings, and then to a more quiet and friendly designated learning corner. Each learning space has a variety of settings and methods of use.
The building skin fully embodies the architectural concept in terms of construction, sustainability and installation principles: the glass curtain wall is set back inward and combined with the sun visor, and the use of a large number of red brick coatings and patterns brings warmth and inheritance changes to the skin.

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