IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

DR‘s Secret Studio

by SUA DESIGN, Yishuang Chen

Projet Description

The basic frame before the transformation is the carrier, and the volume is the essence. The composition of the facade is changed to form a sense of hierarchy in the plane, which is slightly plastic in the space design. The presentation of shape and structure is a dominant gene, and the unification of style is a recessive skill. There is no heavy exaggeration, only a light and concise narrative.
Breaking the messy and complicated interior structure, simple partitioning of the space, using the technique of block division, maintaining the overall spatial layout, expressing a strong sense of decoration with dots, lines, surfaces and blocks. The metallic sense stands alone in the white space, which outlines a modern style that is casual and flexible, breaking the two-dimensional boundaries and introducing three-dimensional thinking. Use simple and simple body elements to freely combine, not luxurious, not hypocritical, and use design techniques to reduce complexity and gain simplify with natural texture.
Body sketches are everywhere. Design tension, tangible and unbounded.
Transparency is the white space given to the space, which highlights the artistry of the design and amplifies the interactivity of the space.
Time and space transformation, design ingenuity becomes the key to the transformation process.
Uniform design elements, changing forms of expression, each presents a different surprise.

SUA DESIGN, Yishuang Chen
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