IDPA Japan Design Award

Office Building of Guangdong Natural Gas Pipeline Network Group

by Guangzhou Zhuyi Space Decoration Design Engineering Co, Ltd

Projet Description

This case is located in the S4 Class A headquarters office building of Poly Yuzhu Port, Huangpu Lingang Economic Zone, Guangzhou. It’s function included administrative office buildings, corporate culture display area, staff restaurant, conference center, control and emergency command center.
The connectivity, openness and transparency of the spatial layout not only meet the individual and diversified functional needs of users, but also try to meet the administrative and aesthetic needs of office workers. Reflect the quality, craftsmanship and unique design characteristics of the office space through detailed design.
The space design is based on simplicity, applicability, and people-oriented, combined with the functional requirements of space use, while integrating architectural aesthetics and the company's corporate culture for space design. The design attempts to achieve a pure combination of intelligence and green in the field of office space design. Create a modern and innovative office headquarters that is futuristic, safe, environmentally friendly, efficient, green and highly user-friendly.
While exploring the boundaries and extensions of intelligence, green, and humanity, the modern and simple design pays more attention to the experience and interactive needs of employees, and creates a good interface for computer-to-people interaction as much as possible to motivate employees. Desire to work and creative potential.

Guangzhou Zhuyi Space Decoration Design Engineering Co, Ltd
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