IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Ruidu Design

Project Description

"Shang Shu" says "Mingde only Xin". Integrate incense into the space, calm people's mind, and do not destroy the original natural simplicity and warmth of the wooden structure. Through the introduction of the design brand, interpret how to turn a whole log into a piece of art, and bring the natural color of the furniture to a new height. Back to nature not only contains Oriental connotation but also brings a warm texture and atmosphere.
With the dynamic attitude of flying into the living room design, the space color of the smart line has more layers and smart. The coffee table specially selected black and white ink marble named Panda white, integrating Chengdu characteristics, hand embroidery screen and carpet elements flow accordingly, dense, in the elegant nature, to build the beauty of space.
The restaurant interprets the superior sense of different sounds and sounds in the space in the interweaving of light and shadow. Families sit around, return to their families, and create the ritual sense of Chinese banquet in the joy of family. The large open kitchen and the water bar area welcome guests at any time with a large-scale sense of space. The golden monkey fern on the water bar platform adds a comfortable atmosphere of elegant negotiation.
The traditional Chinese birchapple flower window lattice pattern painted on the shell paper of the central axis is placed on the parents' room to form the beauty of the finishing touch, which makes this space add a deep connotation. The ink mountain pattern of the curtain dissolves into the balcony view.
Step up the stairs and enter the second floor porch under the atmosphere of bamboo shadow lamps. Behind the entrance is a full screen of ink bamboo as a theme, with four layers of ink to render a vast, far-reaching imagination space. Bamboo peace of the jade ornaments, meaning peace and smooth. Under the combination of space and nature, it achieves a response to the natural lake life.
Entering the master bedroom suite, the antique bamboo shadow mountain stone picture brings a sense of elegance, and the semi-transparent screen is backed by the screen, and the painting forms the beauty of virtual reality. The phoenix flies into, under the west window, the wind shakes the bamboo, perches here, stops in the space, and returns to the nest. The exquisite tea ceremony decoration, the sculpture of the crane in the bamboo forest, the screen of birds worshiping the phoenix, the zen and elegance of the space, the natural and transparent plant scenery, and the green plant bonsai, read the prosperity, return to the indifferent.
Take the true meaning of nature, "Zen" rhyme of the scene. The wooden grating is integrated into the space and complements the interior and exterior. The whole Chinese background bookshelf is quiet and distant under the soft light. In the atmosphere of light and shadow, the four treasures of the Wenfang, the reflux flower, the gold foil hanging, time passes, accompanied by the planting of books, or indulge in the fun of hand-made creations.
Guest bedroom with natural wood color, simple chandelier by the window, by the dense light set off the relaxed atmosphere of sleeping space. Light yarn, rattan woven, natural trees for the screen, the rest can also embrace the belonging and purity of nature.

Ruidu Design

Ruidu Design Consulting Co., LTD., covers real estate space, hotel space, commercial space, soft furnishings and other fields, it is a comprehensive and diversified interior design provider integrating design management consulting, product development and design execution capabilities. We continue to provide customers with international professional standards and local standards of space design services through the digital technology management.
Since founded in 2008, we have set up "the Ruidu" standard of strategic cooperation with the national layout, adhering to the concept of "design" and rigorous steadfast attitude, we have established long-term strategic cooperative relations with leading real estate companies such as Vanke, Poly, Longfor, Sunac, China Overseas, Greenland, Desun, New Hope, Sunshine City and China Railway Construction.
In 2020, we have ranked among the top ten of the global top 100 space design agencies, with regional companies all over New York, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Xi 'an, Kunming and Wuhan.

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