IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Liyan Xu

Projet Description

The work is located in Qingdao, China, with an area of 3,500 square meters, including both office and showroom. This work is a combination of my ideas from various aspects, which not only combines art with humanistic care to express the emotional space, but also integrates the contemporary sense of digital technology media, using geometric cutting techniques and a sense of line to deeply enhance the artistic expression of strength and softness. The company is a mechanical textile company, and the geometric cuts used by the designer can fully reflect the sense of power to highlight the unique temperament of the machinery, while also using a futuristic design approach to explore and reconstruct the future of the workplace, using innovative technology and sustainable materials to support multiple work styles and build corporate culture, and reconstruct the traditional office environment. The showroom section adds blue-green and functional elements to reflect the concept of sustainability. I designed the showroom to symbolize the future, hoping that the technological sense of interconnectedness that links everything can generate more and better benefits. The right artistic expression is my design intention, from art to practice to bring people a better experience.

Liyan Xu

Julia Xu - architect, interior designer, special lecturer at Politecnicodi Milano, Italy.She is the most popular Chinese designer in Hurun Report, a special guest of CCTV “Great Artisan”, and the vice president of China Soft Decoration Association.Every aspect of the project is perfect. Environmental protection and sustainability, luxury and art, high-end and practical.She has won many international and domestic awards for her designs. Respect for place, international .The fusion of design across China and the West. Julia’s design philosophy is human-centered, with a gentle mind.Julia’s designs are known for their modern, light-hearted style, and for their ability to incorporate elements of European and Asian culture and art into their designs.Julia’s design is known for its modern and luxurious style, and is good at integrating European and Asian culture and art elements into its design. The goal of Julia is to create a natural, comfortable and happy space.

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